[X] Follow system for days of the week corresponding to where efforts should be prioritized and what should be top of mind.

The new product-focused system I'm using for prioritizing each day is turning out to be a failure. I'm following it, but I am having a hard time transitioning back to spending more time developing. I think I am going to try and increase my productivity by testing out a service called focusmate.

It may help me get through more in a given week. I think I will also plan out implementation sprints per each day. We'll see how that goes. Tomorrow is a finalize Friday. So I will call up a couple lawyers and an accountant.

[X] Publish blog each week of decisions made, execution, and analysis.

This past week was rough because I went on a trip this past weekend and a week of time blew by faster than I thought it would.

Whenever I come back from a vacation, I am always slow to get back into the swing of things. It's something that just seems to happen to me. I think of it as my mind is still in vacation mode. I ease back out of it slowly.

Last week I said I'd be focusing on:

-Login system implementation

-Filters for searching

-iOS deployment & compilation

I don't think I did a good enough job focusing on what I needed to get done this past week. I believe I need to become more of a hermit programmer again because I get side tracked with good conversation with others. I am going to resort to working out of closed rooms and in places that I normally don't work to help increase my productivity. I usually find a change of scenery helps change my pace of productivity. It's something I did quite a bit when I was younger when needing to study or work. I basically need to be less social because it's crunch time.

Most of what I'll be working on is still carrying over to this upcoming week:

-Inventory system implementation

-Filters for searching

-iOS deployment & compilation

I ended up spending most of this past week working on technical debt that was created. I cleaned up code and did things that weren't very visually apparent. As I have to keep iterating on designs, this will be happening more often. Based on feedback I received, I need to make things more simplified. The pricing tool is still too complex. Swiping as a means of selection needs to default to off. It's too much at once for a new user to handle and understand intuitively.

[X] New meetup, conference, or public outing event every week.
I went to a meetup this past week. However, it wasn't a new one. It was one I regularly attend. This doesn't count. I need to be better about this.

I toured an Amazon fulfillment center. That counts. I've never done that before.

[ ] Share more through multiple channels (very publicly), and don’t hesitate (that’s inaction).

I think I failed at this behavior this week because I didn't share last week's blog post everywhere I normally do. There is no point of publishing something if no one ever reads it. I got busy packing for my weekend trip and only shared the blog post in one or two places.