This review is a day late compared other times I've posted these. So we're off to a great start. However, I think Saturdays maybe make more sense for when to post these.

To make this easier for the long run, here is what got checked off:

[] Follow system for days of the week corresponding to where efforts should be prioritized and what should be top of mind.
[X] Publish blog each week of decisions made, execution, and analysis.
[X] New meetup, conference, or public outing event every week.
[] Share more through multiple channels (very publicly), and don’t hesitate (that’s inaction).

Welp, I didn't really follow my system for keeping things top of mind for specific days of the week:

Monday - Development, Tuesday - Marketing, Wednesday - Demos, Thursday - More development & possible recruiting, Friday - Funding, Saturday - Planning/Development, Sunday - Planning/Development

I didn't really plan out my week. However, I got more accomplished than I did the previous weeks. I still think this system has helped me though so I am sticking with it and will do better this upcoming week.

I think for sharing publicly through multiple channels - I didn't really do that. I mostly stuck to twitter and focused way too much energy there.

The good thing this week is that I went to a meetup this past week that I normally don't go to and enjoyed it. A normal meetup I usually attend was canceled so it was a fortunate accident. I still need to keep an eye on this weekly behavior.

This past week I kind of got slowed down by waiting on developer licenses from Google, and Apple. Apple put a two day delay from the very start and then I had to wait for google play console to publish an internal test track.

I've been writing up some drafts of other blog entries. So more content will soon be published.