This is a blog about my last week in review.

This past week has gone alright.

Below is a set of check boxes for key weekly behaviors I'm trying to accomplish in a given week.

[X] Follow system for days of the week corresponding to where efforts should be prioritized and what should be top of mind.

I've done very well following this systematic approach. It has helped me stay more disciplined. Yesterday I did a surprisingly decent job of prospecting leads. Which is something I'm not always the best at. I am under the impression I could be doing better on my funding days (Fridays).

[X] Publish blog each week of decisions made, execution, and analysis.

This week I found myself following up with people quite a bit more than I normally do. I was reaching out to social media personalities and laying the groundwork for what I want to get done in February. February is about on-boarding several people to be involved with the pricing software. It's hard to find people who see the problem or why the solution even matters.

The thought just occurred to me that I have yet to write about the problem and why this solution matters on my blog. Let me just knock that out right now. I've got to be loud about my work. Some of my core values for 2020 are to be more open & live outside my head.

Problem & Solution Statement:
With the advent of SEO, you get garbage data when looking up items by keywords because everyone tries to make their item show up in as many searches as possible. Snippers, the pricing tool I am building, helps users quickly understand the market price of an item by allowing them to swipe through relevant pricing sales data like they would for a hot date on Tinder. The focus is on used goods because of how much a used item can vary in price.

Core Feature #1:
Search sold data and swipe relevant sales data for the item you are trying to appraise. It helps answer two basic questions about an item. How much is it worth? and how long will it take to sell?

Core Feature #2:
Barcode scanning and even integrate your own device by attaching a bluetooth scanner on the back of your phone.

Feature #1 is implemented, but #2 isn't at this point. Feature #1 is going to be refined for the rest of this month.

How other pricing software falls short:
-Historical data based on what items were listed for and not what they sold for
-No solution is transparent with its data when it should be. (Too much basis for pricing on listing price rather than the sold price has given me trust issues.)
-Too much catering to sellers of brand new products and not resellers
-It takes too long to price a single item. This is fine for a seller who sells brand new but not one who sells used/vintage goods at scale.
-Not enough control or input from user to decide what is relevant to pricing
-Not made for on-the-go or while mobile

I have so much more I could write, but this really deserves its own blog post. It will get many this year.

[ ] New meetup, conference, or public outing event every week.

I flat out failed at this. Instead of going to an event for python development - I just didn't. In my mind, I made the excuse of I don't want to deal with parking. I regret that I didn't go. I need to be better about this next week. I barely count the event I attended last week. So this is definitely going to be a challenging weekly behavior to execute on week-after-week.

[X] Share more through multiple channels (very publicly), and don’t hesitate (that’s inaction).

I honestly thought this was going to be the hardest behavior for me to do each week. It's not so bad. However, I have noticed since I am less quiet on social media that I tend to upset people more often than I used to. I chalk it up to not blending into the background anymore and voicing my opinion more. This will inevitably have this effect on people. My intention isn't for all people to like me. That is an impossible goal. I just want people to know and hopefully understand what I am about.