I'm writing this as quick as possible on Thursday evening instead of on a Saturday morning. This past week has been full of distractions. COVID-19, the people who are reaching out to me because they're bored, and the political shenanigans going on to stem the economy from plunging too hard were all very distracting to me this past week. I've spent too much time reading this past week. I think I am not alone.

This past week I did more planning and learning than I did actual producing of major improvements. This troubles me deeply because the timing for this software to take off is almost perfect. The quicker I get it done the better it will be timed. I have planned out my next six weeks but I will try and condense that into a weekend solo hackathon for myself where I will just eat, sleep, & code mostly. Whatever the result of this weekend will be, I'll know more by going through it like this than I will if I didn't. It will set me up for the next 6 weeks with a clear understanding of small unknowns.

I'm not saying this week hasn't been productive, it just has been focused in the wrong direction. I have to remind myself to be more product focused. It's a time to do more and say less. This blog entry and the last one have been disappointing and I believe I am just very distracted with what is going on everywhere. I believe it will blow over eventually. I got a betting pool going with some people about when restaurants will be back to business-as-usual. The dates picked ranged anywhere from April to September. We'll see what happens - I don't think a dollar amount was agreed upon. The NCAA canceled March madness but people are engaging in a different kind of March madness.

COVID-19 is all that anyone is talking about. All that really matters is testing, isolation, and personal responsibility to help delay the spread of it until more is known. We still don't know enough and that is why people are freaking out.

Stay safe,